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    Nick DAlleva

    Peanut Historian

    Nick @ Spotted Frog

    Peanut Historian

    (800) 294-7414 nick@spottedfrogdesign.com

    Family.  It seems like everyone has a niece or a cousin who can build a killer website.  This usually spells disaster. Having your brother in law hook you up with a free website can not only fracture families, but sink your business as well.

    I’m a web developer. Every meeting is uncomfortable for me. I do really dig learning about other peoples businesses and being a part of their success.  What starts out as uncomfortable always ends in me being in awe.

    We’re great designers but bad at keeping tidy work-spaces. Our office isn’t the most hygienic. We try to avoid anyone visiting us whenever possible, but if you aren’t allergic to goats, swing on by!

    We’ll actually just meet on our office. It’s not that bad. We have a plentiful snack area. However if we find out prospective clients don’t have all of their shots, I usually meet at Starbucks.

    Any project. I really love taking on new challenges and meeting new people!

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    Todd Cardin

    UFO Enthusiast

    Todd @ Spotted Frog

    UFO Enthusiast

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    The Casino. Every time I go pitch a web design project, I stop by Valley Forge Casino beforehand and usually lose enough money that makes closing the sale a necessity. Besides great designs, it’s really what’s kept our firm afloat.

    Sometimes. But my age is sometimes a virtue, as I’m the only member of the team who knows how to talk on the phone, make eye contact, and tie a necktie. Something that makes the developers look at me in awe.

    You would assume incorrectly. Some of us go through diet and exercise stints, but we always gravitate back to fast food. Most of our staff gets their exercise via video games. I’m pretty sure we accidentally sponsored the race thinking it was a chili cooking contest.

    As the most powerful company in the world, or at least by that point to have designed most of the websites for local King of Prussia businesses. And most likely in a flying car. That can go back in time.

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    Melissa DAlleva

    BBQ Blogger

    Melissa @ Spotted Frog

    BBQ Blogger

    (800) 294-7414 melissa@spottedfrogdesign.com

    Market research. I buy a ton of things online. Based on the frequency of the Amazon and Zappos packages we’re receiving at home, I’ve pretty much earned a PhD at this point.

    Honestly, we spend much more time than we should on design and marketing than we’re charging our clients for. On the whole, we’re actually really bad at running a business but really great at design and development.

    Strange. On Tuesdays, we’re only allowed to speak to them in Elvish. It’s like Middle Earth took a dump all over our office once a week. Try being forced to ask a question in a language you aren’t even sure is real to a dude dressed up like an Elf.

    Making sure we’re putting out the best product we can. We really love everyone we’ve worked for and always strive to deliver the best design and product possible. Word of mouth has really grown our business and I work hard to make sure that keeps happening.

    I’ve watched the movie Con-Air over 100 times.

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    Esther Cardin

    Competitive Sushi Roller

    Esther @ Spotted Frog

    Competitive Sushi Roller

    (800) 294-7414 esther@spottedfrogdesign.com

    It hasn’t been good yet. None of them has contacted us for their websites yet and we’ve spent a few thousand in the last couple of weeks eating out. We’re definitely in the red right now.

    Our snack bar. Plus learning about the businesses other people run. After each meeting, I’m always like, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

    Probably the mall. I don’t really understand it. Aren’t people shopping online?

    The Moscow Mule. It’s trendy but definitely tasty. Ask me this same question again next month.

    Probably our family approach. We treat every website we design or brand we help launch as our own business. We have a really smart and create small group over here so we’re able to deliver a truly boutique experience.