Nick D.

Fresh Pay Per Click Page Design.

Check out the PPC landing page we just completed, we think it’s pretty rad. We also built a ton of unique PPC ads and served different versions of the page for each respective keyword the client was bidding on to improve Quality Score and lower their Pay Per Click cost. When visitors hit the page, they’ll know they’re in the right place, and it won’t cost our client an arm and a leg to get them there.

The design is responsive so it looks excellent in any device. We also thought it would be a good idea to offer visitors multiple places to sign up for service. Great landing page designs grow businesses.


So what makes our landing pages better than a free PPC page design you can grab off of Behance or Dribbble? Great question. For starters, ours aren’t free. You’ll most likely be paying us at least a few hundred dollars to make one. I know if I was making it rain Benjamins, I’d want to know what I get for my green storm. Here are a few finer points of the customer PPC page design service we offer:

We research: Every great plan starts with a great plan. We’ll research your keywords to see what visitors are really after.

We get into customers heads: When someone visits your page, what do they want? Are they looking for price? Do they want a deal? We Freud the s*** out of a page before we even touch mouse to Adobe Photoshop.

We customize everything: Stock PPC templates smell like a real life poop emoji. We design everything from scratch because people like fresh.

We never go into battle without our analytics: When we make a landing page, we want to know what’s working and what we need to twerk. When you get one page from us, you’re really buying two pages without a Groupon. We’ll run A/B tests to make sure we’re giving you the page that’s going to perform the best in the long run. But we don’t just look at clicks, we’ll dig deeper by looking at your conversions in Google Analytics to make sure we’re making sure we’re making you money.

We give visitors a great experience: When we know what your website visitors want, we get them there as quick as we can. The time you have to grab a PPC visitor is about as long as that extra second you get to spend at the end of a leap year year meaning you have no time at all to keep someone interested.

We make you money: Sure, our landing pages aren’t free, but they are an investment in more business. So contact us already and let’s get started spending your money.