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Hey You! Welcome to the Frog's SEO blog. We are going to keep you updated on all things SEO like tips, tricks, advice (good & bad) and case studies about stuff. Relevant stuff about optimization including good things we did & even how we screwed up but learned from it. It's all about SEO over the design.

I'm not sure what they are talking about in that other column. This is totally a web design blog. Come here for some free illustrations and creative ideas in the form of video presentations and tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe programs we hardly know how to use. Design rules & SEO stinks!


The History of Search Engines: An Infographic Journey

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 in Infographics by

History of Search Engines InfographicWe know you love info. We also know you love graphics. We love to combine words and draw pictures. We also love search engines. Take those last 4 sentence fragments and put them in a blender and you’ll have our free infographic on the history of search engines. We are calling it “The History of Search Engines Infographic” or “My Cat Martha”.

It’s way too long to put on this page so we are going to make you click the read more link under this text. Not sure you want to click? Here is a teaser picture:

Founders of Google & Ask Jeeves

What you are looking at is a pic of the two guys who invented Google and that old school butler-ing search engine super player Ask Jeeves. Jeeves always gave us bunk information but he was well groomed.

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Free Halloween Poster: Groupon as The Shining

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 in Awesome Free Stuff by

Free Groupon Halloween PosterTalk about being ahead of the curve! Thanks to your BFF’s at Spotted Frog Design, you’ll be able to start planning for this years Groupon / Shining themed Halloween party. We’ve been doing a ton of research (crunching numbers and what not) and we think over 77% of Halloween parties this year are going to be based on the movie “The Shining” and most Halloween costumes are going to be bought though group purchasing deals on Groupon. We also predict that the most popular candy this year will be a bag of live gnats. The candy will be made and distributed by “McGluggins Live Gnat & Stuff Corporation”.

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Using WordPress for Business (Part I)

Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2012 in Web Design Tips by

WordPress site development for business

WordPress has quickly grown to become one of the most powerful open source content management systems in the world. In fact, it’s used by at least 14.7% of the top million websites in the world. That’s for websites in general, in terms of websites that use a CMS; it holds a market share of over 55% and, in the US, is being used on 22% of new domain registrations.

Although many of the websites we design aren’t using a CMS at all, this is primarily due to the static nature of their content. After all, a basic company website that exists merely to provide basic information about the company (e.g. products and services, operating hours, its address, etc.) doesn’t need to change much. It all depends on what the company wants and, here at Spotted Frog Design, the customer is always right. (Unless, of course, they’re wrong.)

At the same time, we often suggest WordPress to clients who we feel would really benefit from a dynamic, versatile website that can grow with their business. Although their present needs might not explicitly call for a CMS, investing the time and resources into an excellent WordPress site now can pay dividends year after year.  

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Free Halloween Poster: Silence of the Pinterest

Posted on Friday, October 19, 2012 in Awesome Free Stuff by

Free Pinterest Halloween PosterRemember how creeped out you were when that guy from the Silence of the Lambs was putting on lipstick and talking about how sexy he was, then got up from his chair and started dancing around and you were like – “what exactly am I looking at here?” Or when you posted a recipe for your grandmothers famous chili on Pinterest and it gave 75% of the community explosive diarrhea? We don’t want you to forget the good times, so we created this free poster. Plus it’s almost Halloween and your office could probably use some hauntingly thought provoking decorations in the form of free posters.

Silence of the Pinterest Free Poster

Don’t make us bite the side of your face off or eat your brains. Go ahead and download the high resolution .JPG of the poster above, print it out, and put it up anywhere people can see it like in your dorm, on strangers windshields, in a cake, on the moon, in your pantry, in your underwear drawer, in your break room, or on the back of one of your coworkers.

Unless we get sued by Orion Pictures in the next 24 hours, we’ll drop another one of these posters on the Internet for your consumption. Stay tuned!

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Free Halloween Poster: Google Is Jaws

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012 in Awesome Free Stuff by

Google Is JawsRemember that time you were bobbing for apples and threw up then made your friend go after you and basically eat your puke? We thought that was a super classy move so we used that memory as inspiration for our free Halloween poster with a Jaws theme

We combined the man eating shark from the movie Jaws with the web page eating Google search engine to create this amazing poster. To make sure we drew a realistic shark, we wrapped our bodies in bacon and smoked meats and jumped into the shark tank at the Camden aquarium. 15 missing toes, 4 missing kidneys, and 1 guy who can no longer have kids later, we have this poster…and it’s awesome.

Google Jaws Halloween Poster

Go ahead and give us some free advertising. Download the high resolution .JPG and staple it all over your office, bathroom, bosses car window, your own body, your friends body, their house, their dog, hide some in your freezer, or use it as toilet paper.

If you like free stuff, check back tomorrow for another free poster. Worst case, if we don’t get enough time to post the poster, we’ll post a few pictures from our Spotted Frog Design Group panda hunting expedition we went on in China last May. Any idea how hard it is to get a dead panda bear through customs? Stay tuned to find out how we did it.

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