History of Search Engines

"An Infographic Journey Depicting How Search Engines Developed From 1945 Until Today."

None of the employees at Philadelphia's premiere website design company fared too well in history class on any level. Even the level where we were required to show up to class. It was probably because they were using words to talk about history and not pictures. Words are for chumps. Pictures are for the short attention span masses who love to learn but also want to know who the Bachelor chose, how the stock market did, and how many eyes a spider has. We aren't going to be answering any of those questions.

What we will be answering is how search engines evolved from an idea in the Atlantic Monthly about a way to index all information to the form we know today as the thing that has killed the library industry and made Mr. Dewey Decimal weep daily. What's even cooler is you aren't going to need to do any reading. Well, maybe a little, but seriously not too much at all. We've taken the important points from about 578 books on the subject and condensed it down into a downloadable .JPG for you to share.


The History of Search Engines: An Infographic Journey

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History of Search Engines InfographicWe know you love info. We also know you love graphics. We love to combine words and draw pictures. We also love search engines. Take those last 4 sentence fragments and put them in a blender and you’ll have our free infographic on the history of search engines. We are calling it “The History of Search Engines Infographic” or “My Cat Martha”.

It’s way too long to put on this page so we are going to make you click the read more link under this text. Not sure you want to click? Here is a teaser picture:

Founders of Google & Ask Jeeves

What you are looking at is a pic of the two guys who invented Google and that old school butler-ing search engine super player Ask Jeeves. Jeeves always gave us bunk information but he was well groomed.

Search Engine History Infographic

If you are totally blown away by the above and want to download the high resolution version, grab it here and use it freely. If you used it anywhere, please give us a comment below so we can link to you. We are too lazy to check out our analytic data so please do the leg work for us.

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