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"A free template for a catering company. Download it. Eat it. Enjoy it."

As part of a maneuver to get free food, we are offering this free CSS template which is fresh out of the oven & web ready.

If you want to send us food, we prefer subscriptions to any "Of The Month" club type food delivery services.


Free Web Template for A Catering Company

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012 in Awesome Free Stuff by

Free Stuff Fanta StyleWe are giving away more free stuff! Are you kidding me? Yes. I mean no. I mean we are giving away a free template this time. “Freeky Deeky Friday” has been postponed until next Friday so we could give you a free CSS web template designed for a business in the catering industry. What’s so great about this template? Really nothing. There’s a virus in the .ZIP file. Just kidding there too. Here are the highlights.

  • The template is ready for you to SEO-ify the crap out of it and fill it with high quality content. The template package comes complete with an .htaccess file that shifts your non-www traffic to a www version and the template itself is properly coded and structured so that Google fall in love with you and most likely try to make out with you.
  • Need a logo for your catering company? You have one for you to use…for free! There’s a basic logo in there in .PSD format. We included the font we used as well, a cool retro serif font called Megalopolis EXTRA. The EXTRA is for EXTRA-TASTY.
  • CSS? Check. All .PSD files included? Check. A website that will get me catering leads in the Czech republic? Check.
  • There are 2 pages, an index.html (home) page + an inner page. Why is the inner page so delicious? It comes with a pre-built form perfect for anyone in the catering business. Just hook it up to a form processor and away you go. There are fields in there like how many people will be at the gig, what’s your budget, what’s your address, and what type of event are you hosting like a wedding, a graduation party, or a congratulations you made parole party.

Sound like something you need? Here is what the homepage looks like. Holy tomato! Check out those avocados on that guy and that huge wedge of cheese:

Catering Company HomepageWhoops! Almost forgot the download link. To grab the files, you can download the free catering website template here. If you like the template, don’t forget to give us a thanks below & link back to this page. If you really love the template, you won’t remove the link in the footer that drops some free advertising via a link back to your favorite Philadelphia web design team because you know that new business helps us give you more freebies.

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