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You have questions, we have answers. We even have answers to some stuff we haven’t been asked but we feel you should know like can our PPC marketing services mask body odor and how can you trust a web design company in Philadelphia if they haven’t placed in the Wing Bowl. Please don’t ask us if Spotted Frog has pet frogs in it’s office. The short answer is no. Because of pending PETA litigation and on advice from our attorney, we can’t respond to those questions. Anything else is good though.


As a top SEO firm in Philadelphia, Spotted Frog believes every website should be search engine optimized. The entire focus of our company is to get your company the attention it deserves so that customers can find you and take advantage of what you have to offer. With that in mind, all of our websites are designed to be search engine friendly. In order to accomplish this feat, web developers and search engine marketing consultants will work together to find a happy medium for a functional, keyword optimized site built for you. Every webpage will be relevant to the message of your company while being appealing to the search engines.

No. You’re stuck with us for life. Spotted Frog is a web designer in Philadelphia that creates websites for businesses looking for a way to generate more attention and possible customers. The sites we design are SEO optimized and customized to the particular needs of every client. Clients pay a fee for us to create and maintain the site. While the website is for your company, it belongs to us. As long as you remain a customer in good standing, your website will stay up and active. If at any point in time you decide to no longer use our services, the site will be used for other purposes. We take care of all the hosting and maintenance so as long as you are happy with the results we provide, the site will continue to help generate traffic. Alterations and updates can be arranged for your company as your needs change over time.

It can be very tempting for a business owner to strive to rank with a lot of keywords instead of just a select few. Because SEO revolves around focusing your website on specific keywords or phrases, SEO consultants will often recommend that you choose only a couple of words to start with. This will increase the likelihood of success. Our Philadelphia SEO company will perform thorough internet market research in order to help determine which keywords will work best for your business. We focus on results as opposed to delivering on specific keywords.

Some things that will be taken into consideration for choosing the right keywords and key phrases for your business include current market competition, the strength of the websites currently ranking with the keywords, the type of industry you are in, and the area which you would like to target. We will ask you to describe your business and determine the ideal keywords to focus our energies. This information will then be used to generate a list of related keywords. We will see the number of people searching for those particular phrases as well as the amount of current competition. Once the keywords are chosen, steps will be taken to make sure that the keywords are used in a variety of ways so that the odds of generating traffic are increased.

With our keyword techniques, we can focus in on a small radius around your business so that you can attract people who can actually walk into your store. We specialize in local SEO services. As a Philadelphia internet marketing company, Spotted Frog will take the time to optimize every page of the website we create for you. We understand that every page serves as a possible place for visitors to enter on. All the pages will reinforce the theme of your company so that the SEO site as a whole ranks higher. More visitors to this site will mean more awareness of your company. The website will serve as a landing page for your business because every page will be optimized for the chosen keywords.

Of course it can. What would drive your ex-wife nuts? The answer is your success. If you choose to optimize your website, your business will get more leads. More leads means more sales. More sales means more money. More money leads to you actually looking handsome. It’s amazing how extra money in your pocket makes you more attractive. Then you land a great girlfriend; someone way better than your ex. Your ex-wife sees this and she freaks out. She’s jealous. She wants you back but it’s too late. You’ve moved on thanks to the best web designer in Philadelphia.

While a blog alone will not automatically increase the traffic to your website, they can be helpful in many SEO strategies. Blogs coupled with social network marketing tools such as Facebook and Twitter are an effective SEO tool. With our custom website design, Spotted Frog can help create a blog focused around the needs of your business. They are great for allowing unique content to be added on a regular basis and great venues for creating highly linkable and useful content. The constant updates to a website let search engines know that you active. Blog posts can be written and focused on different aspects of your business while always keeping your keywords in mind. While this can also be a time consuming task, it is a great option for people looking to expand their keyword ranking options. Our web developers and SEO experts can create a viable blog. The more ways the public can reach your website, the better your chances of success.

Yes. We have a team of four lovely ladies; Ashley, Esther, Stefanie and Vicki. While the men of the Frog appall most women, none are more disgusted than the ones who see the website designers on a daily basis. We keep telling them that PHP web development is super sexy but they see they aren’t buying it. These gals come into the office, spray some sort of disinfectant, roll their eyes and count down the seconds until closing time. While it is highly unlikely that “The Men of Spotted Frog” calendar will be a best seller, the ladies of the Frog are quite easy on the eyes.

No. Apparently using bumpers on the lanes is frowned upon in league bowling so that pretty much rules us out.

A site designed to salute Aaron Neville’s mole. We may get around to finishing it at some point.

The design and creation of your website is an extremely important process. A custom website design company always wants to make sure that the needs of their clients are met. While we will promise to have your website up and running in a timely manner, the actual length of time depends on what our Philadelphia web developers and our SEO experts decide need to go into the site. The website itself can be designed and active in a relatively short amount of time, but the SEO pages may take time depending on the keyword strategy. You will have access to the site as soon as it is up so that you can track the progress of its creation. The number of pages in the website will also dictate how long it takes for the site to be completed and working in your best interest. Our web development company will never sacrifice quality for time. You will be involved in every part of the process and will be given time estimations. Contact us for a consultation.

As long as SEO is done correctly, results will eventually be noticeable. The biggest downfall to this optimization is that getting organic ranking in search engine results can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. While this may seem like a long time, once the ranking is achieved, your website will continue to generate traffic. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Marty McFly didn’t get stuff right until the 3rd movie. There a number of factors that can influence the ability of your website to rank quickly with the major search engines. Some of these things include competition in the market, the SEO savvy of the competition, the specific keyword, and the geographical location of your desired customers. Businesses that want an SEO website designed for a specific area may see results faster than those targeting extremely large markets. When it comes to web marketing in Philadelphia, Spotted Frog has the necessary expertise to help drive viable traffic to your business.

Creating a successful website takes more than just focusing on search engine optimization and marketing techniques. No matter the type of website, it should be effective, clean, and elegant. An effective web design will ensure that every part of the site has a set purpose and isn’t just something thrown in to be thrown in.

Web developers will also make sure that the website design is clean. This means that nothing in the website will be broken and that all sidebars, footers, headers, and links will work and look right. An elegant look goes a long way with visitors. Information should be easy to locate and read so that your visitors don’t get confused or frustrated. An affordable website design is not simply about pretty colors and fancy fonts; it is about making a functional website that a visitor will find attractive. Just as first impressions are important with everything else, the first visit to a website can make or break a possible transaction. If the website is unappealing or has broken areas, people may be deterred from making a purchase or using your service. Once a person has been turned off from a site, they are unlikely to return in the future. Increase your chances of converting traffic and leads to viable customers by allowing our web design company in Philadelphia to take care of your business.

We are incompetent. We are uncomfortable with face to face interaction. We haven’t been able to have successful relationships. We are out shape. We aren’t that bright. Why would you trust us to build your site? I wouldn’t trust us. But, for some strange reason, the sites we build are very successful. Our website design techniques are different from the rest of the Philadelphia website design firms, and they work. When you are choosing a website designer; look for the most socially inept bunch of guys that you can find. Look no further than Spotted Frog Design.

As an experienced Philadelphia internet marketing company, Spotted Frog will go over the different type of marketing strategies with you. While SEO is generally stronger for long term results, some businesses may benefit from using a combination of the two techniques. There are some clear differences to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to solely choose one over the other. For PPC advertising and mobile internet marketing, business owners can see an increase in traffic the same day. It is important to remember that if you have a set budget for the number of clicks you can afford daily, weekly, or monthly, your ad will go down (be removed) once that budget has been met. Your ad will no longer be available for possible clients to click on. There is some leeway in this method though because you can have your ad appear for any keyword you choose and some keywords are less costly than others.

SEO on the other hand does not often show immediate results but has a much longer effect on your rankings. If you suddenly stop search engine optimization, you will not see a sudden drop in search engine rankings. This means that you will continue to generate money without having to pay every time a person comes to your website. Certain keywords should be targeted so that it will be easier to compete with others also trying to rank for those keywords within your industry. People also have a tendency to click on links that come up naturally from search results over random ads that are placed on the side of a screen or in a campaign area of a website. Both techniques will allow you to target people in all geographical areas so local, national, and international businesses can benefit.

Most days we have a catered lunch of Skittles, Doritos, Mountain Dew and Five Hour Energy. This gives us a tremendous amount of zip. From about noon until 2pm our productivity is through the roof. Our sales team sells more sites than we could possibly deliver. Our Philadelphia design team show flashes of genius and our SEO firm’s ability to creatively cram keywords into obituaries is something to be marveled. By 2pm we usually get a tad cranky, say things we regret, and take a power nap until 5 o’clock. This recharges our creative batteries until we decide between pizza and cotton candy for dinner.

What do you mean you’re not happy with our service? What’s your problem? We pride ourselves on being a result driven SEO company in Philadelphia. In order for us to be successful, our clients must be happy with the work that we do. While SEO can be a very challenging area to work in, we can provide a solid foundation for your business to attract traffic. We do not make false promises of being able to guarantee specific results; only that we will do make the website worth the money you spend. SEO requires a long term commitment in order to see the best results. If at any point you decide that you are unhappy with our services please take the time to speak with one of our expert SEO consultants to see if any issues or concerns can be addressed.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a supporting type of website traffic generator that can be used in addition to search engine optimization techniques. A pay per click advertising agency will help get people to your website by allowing you to have advertisements displayed in places such as other websites or on the side of search engine result pages. This type of search engine marketing is good for people looking for a quick way to get potential customers to their website like someone who needs an ecommerce website design and has products that they need to move ASAP. PPC offers an immediate way to get potential customers to your site to buy your products or services. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you will be charged every time the advertisement is clicked on. This means that you will only be paying for people actually responding to your company’s advertisement. While this can get people to the website, it is still important to work on standard SEO techniques so that natural traffic can also be generated from search engine results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used in order to make a website rank high on search engine result lists. Search engine marketing is extremely important for any business looking to increase traffic to it’s website. No matter how great your product or service, you will make no money if customers are not able to find you. The goal of SEO is to make it so that people surfing the internet will be able to find your specific website when they search for certain keywords without any PPC marketing or as an add on to your PPC marketing campaign.

The most sure-fire way to help with SEO is to have content on your web pages which contain specific keywords and is useful content that people feel compelled to link to & cite as a resource. Unfortunately, for most business owners SEO is a difficult undertaking. Spotted Frog is a Philadelphia internet marketing company that will help your business by designing a website specifically made for SEO purposes. The website will be optimized which will all lead customers to your business. This will help keep your site from getting lost among the thousands of others.

We would love to have the “Pepsi Kona” and “Pepsi Clear” project. These two “wonder colas”; one with a hint of coffee, one that is colorless failed miserably when rolled out some years ago. Spotted Frog feels with the right SEO strategy, we could turn these two niche beverages into the most consumed soft drinks in the world.

This is a very common question when it comes to setting a budget for search engine marketing. While there is no doubt that SEO can be done on your own, it is a full time job that has a substantial learning curve for people not familiar with the industry. Spotted Frog Design has become a successful Philadelphia SEO firm because our staff is made up of internet marketing professionals who have years of experience to help your website rank for your most relevant and profitable keywords. Even though it may sound simple in theory, SEO is a craft which requires skill, research, and a lot of forethought. Not only do you have to continually update your websites, but you have to obtain extensive knowledge of your competition. Trying to optimize your website for search engines is challenging because there is no rule book. While you may think you are helping your site, a simple mistake can be detrimental. In addition, even when done properly, in house SEO can be very costly.

A common item to see on other ecommerce website designs and informational websites is a campaign area that often has PPC banner advertising or other type of advertisement linking to different websites. We do not use clients’ websites for third party advertising. Websites are designed for your company and your company alone. You will never need to worry about unwanted pop-up ads appearing for people visiting the website. We understand that these types of advertisements can often be a deterrent for visitors especially if the advertisements are not relevant to what the visitor was looking for. The goal is to generate traffic for your business, not for other businesses. Nothing will be done that may take away attention from the main purpose of the website. If you are interested in banner advertisements, email marketing, or any other type of advertising techniques for your business, we can provide you with the proper information.

No internet marketing company can guarantee that your website will be ranked number one by Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Ask Jeeves, JDate, ChristianMingle, or any other search engine. There are many factors that go into a website being indexed and ranked favorably by Google. Only so many of these things can be controlled, even by our Philadelphia SEO firm. We can guarantee that we will do everything within our power to design a SEO website for your business which will be optimized for the keywords most likely to get you results. Some industries are harder to rank in than others because of the competition. It is also important to remember that any time you stop SEO; your rankings will fall. While we cannot promise you the number one spot, we can help you get the leads you need to succeed.

If you use a reputable company, the short answer is No. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a professional web development company to create a SEO website for your business. In fact, Google and many other websites offer a variety of tips and strategies for search engine optimization. A professional will simply have the time, resources, and experience needed to adequately make SEO work in your favor. While there are some SEO techniques that are frowned upon by search the search engines, a trustworthy online marketing company will not do anything that would put your website in jeopardy. Our web developers and SEO consultants will make a website that is based on proven SEO strategies and not take shortcuts that will hurt your objective.