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"Letting a bad SEO provider build bad links makes a good SEO provider cry."

We get at least 15 requests a day from SEO providers around the globe offering to get our websites to rank higher in the search engines for pennies a day.

This is a great lure because SEO is hard and we charge a lot of pennies a day. Way more pennies then they are charging. Here are 4 requests we got in 8 hours.


It Ain’t Easy Being an SEO Company

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012 in Bad SEO by

Bad SEO ProvidersAt any given point, the send / receive button on my Outlook yields some great results. I get emails from the British Lottery (which I’ve won like a billion times at this point) and from single females looking for love from people matching the following description (actual email):

Im a 28 single female looking for friends maybe more. I enjoy being outside, playing darts, camping, drinking, and dancing. Im looking for a man 18 to 40 who is single, has a job, and likes to have fun my pics are here:

Another type of email I get is from people wanting to be my SEO provider. This hurts a lot because we are an SEO company (sigh). I guess it doesn’t hurt as much as the other type of emails I get talking about why I am useless and inadequate as a man but I digress. We get so much spam because we setup a bunch of emails for the clients we manage like marketing@ and press@. We use these for all marketing contacts like guest blog requests, press releases, info-graphic alerts, blog posts we wrote that other webmasters may find useful, etc.; basically any contact outside of the actual “leads” the business receives. All of the emails we have in cyberspace get scraped from our clients websites & we get hit with spam emails. If we are getting scraped and spammed, I can imagine these SEO requests are being sent out to tons of companies.

So, the question is if you are a small business owner and you know you need some type of SEO strategy, what’s stopping you from using one of these providers who promise great results for pennies? Alternatively, you can contract with a firm like us who takes thousands of dollars from you each month and doesn’t make any promises of rankings, just our best guess that great Internet marketing techniques yield great results. Try convincing a client to give you their money with no guarantees. If I’m a small business owner with a limited budget and I don’t know anything about bad optimization, I’m probably going to respond to one of these requests. Nice! I just took a step forward to get my website to the top of the SERP’s! Oh wait, I actually just shot myself in the foot before a marathon started. While we wait for the small business owners foot to heal, I thought it would be fun to check out the emails I received from the last time I checked my email until now – May 17th @ 11:32 PM to May 18th @ 8:42AM. These companies really make SEO look easy. If it was easy I would be a millionaire. I’m not. On to the emails.

Following Received on May 18th @ 12:22 AM

SPAM SEO Request Email 12-22-AMEven though McAfee tells me not to go to your website, it looks like you are offering an amazing service so I’m click-ety clicking over there. Oh yeah buddy, I’m no fool. I did the math. I need my website to rank higher so I’m gonna need to get my hands on some back links. How many? A monster truck load. I need back links BAD and I need way more then the competition. If they have 10 back links, I’m going to need 1000 to get a higher position and get locked in there 4-EVR. Check the calendar my friend, it’s 1998 and I’m blasting “Ice Ice Baby” out of my speakers. More back links is better, way better. In fact, I think we are going to contract with you on behalf of our clients. You are right, we are literally spending hours, days, and weeks building links. Waste of time my friend when we have access to your service. Pennies a day. SWEET! I can afford that & still be able to sweep the whole McDonald’s Dollar Menu every day for lunch (a “Sweep” is ordering one of each item on the dollar menu). Dear Google, Check Mate.

Following Received on May 18th @ 1:32 AM

1:32 AM SEO Provider RequestThanks for the email Aditya! I didn’t request it but it’s certainly useful. It’s sure going to save us a ton of time over here. We are busy making graphics and writing useful blog posts. I’d rather have you write press releases and build links for our clients. Why didn’t you send me this email yesterday before I spent the whole day writing about proper defense strategies in criminal court to circumvent penalties from seat belt violations. Seriously, that took me all day to write. I would have rather been checking out some old “Bangs” videos on YouTube and raising the roof to “Take You to Da Movies“. I can’t believe you are a firm of 25 people! We only have 8 people in our office and we are super busy. We must really suck. And you assure me of “getting high SERP”. I’m not even sure that that means and I think your grammar is a bit off but I’m sold. All for $100 a month? What’s your secret? We never make that claim but it’s probably because we don’t have 25 people. You also worked with reputable agencies in the USA, UK, Canada, & Australia? Wow! We have really only worked with US companies and no other SEO firm has ever outsourced to us. We are awful. You rock. Let’s do this.

Following Received on May 18th @ 5:39 AM

SPAM SEO Request 5:39 AMPooja. Thanks for the email bud! Let me start by saying I am also against SPAM emails so IĀ appreciate the disclaimer at the end of your email stating that you are not a spammer and are against spamming of any kind. Your company is HUGE! That’s the kind of big business I want managing my SEO. 85 employees and 150 SEO projects last year! That’s awesome attention to each client. Thats almost 2 full time people working 1 campaign for $2400 a year. That’s less than we charge in a month! I’m insanely impressed by the number of links you were able to create for each website. 100,000 links for 150 websites – that almost 60 links per website per month. When we are popping on all cylinders, we can usually crank out 8 or so high quality links a month. I just did some quick math on our whiteboard and you are 2.7 million times better than us. Against spamming and a great link builder for cheap? I think I’m sold. Let’s just cut the BS and get this optimization campaign going. The next time you send this email out, turn that 150 into 151 because you got yourself a new client. Let’s make some money baby!

Following Received on May 18th @ 6:13 AM

SPAM SEO Request 6:13 AMHi Rakhi. Nice to meet you! Of course I would be interested in outsourcing. Doing SEO the right way really sucks. It’s a lot of hard work. Way more than I expected when I started this business. What you are offering is a lot better then us doing this in house. Theme based links – that’s what I’m looking for. Only industry relevant pages? Yes! I have to be honest with you, I’m not sure how you can do all of this for $75 per month but I don’t care. What it boils down to is we must be doing something wrong over here if you can do the same thing for thousands cheaper than what we are offering. Even though I am not an “online service provider” (this email was sent to a plumber in Philadelphia) and you basically contacted me through email spam (in violation of your point #10 in the #15 point dissertation), I trust you. I want you to work for me. Let’s grab some drinks and hash this out.


Best conclusion – the negative SEO provided via the requests above will hurt your website & make the job of a real Internet marketer that much harder. I really don’t like to dig websites out of holes from black hat techniques like those employed by the providers above. Seriously. Some of these shady techniques will really do more harm than good to a website. Don’t be fooled small business owners of the world. Remember the following:

  • Good SEO is not easy and it’s not cheap.
  • Bad SEO is cheap, easy, and it can destroy your website and online reputation. Plus it smells bad and doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.
  • Results are never guaranteed. The only guaranteed search engine placement comes with PPC advertising.
  • Never trust a shady SEO request you get via email. Unless we send it, then it’s cool.
  • If the English is bad in the email, the English will be a lot worse in any articles or SEO they do for your company.

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