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Relpace Your ShareThis Image with Custom Text

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2012 in CSS Tricks by

Change ShareThis to A Text LinkWe use the ShareThis plugin in just about every WordPress site we design. It’s super easy to install and customize with your own CSS. If you ever come across a design where the default buttons or icons aren’t going to flow and you just want to use text like “Be Cool & Share This With The World”, here is an easy way to do it on WordPress.

Step 1: Install the ShareThis Plugin

In the WP admin panel, click on “>Plugins”, click “Add New“, and search for the term ShareThis. This screen should come up with the ST plugin as your first option. If the results are skewed in the future, the author / designer should read: ShareThis, Manu Mukerji.

Installing ShareThis Plugin

Click “Install Now” (it’s reading as “Installed” above because this site already has it installed) then click “Activate“. Simple!

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