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"A Philadelphia website design company & seo firm focused on web design that works""

Spotted Frog Design is a Philadelphia Web Design Company that does more than just build websites. We focus on diving traffic to you site; hence driving customers to you business. While many web designers in Philadelphia specialize in building your company a very impressive electronic business card; we concentrate on turning your site into a constant source of leads to help your business grow. When you are searching for a Philadelphia web designer, you need to consider that you need to grow your business. We are very confident in two things: website design, ping pong, knowledge of all Olympic curling rules, and our inability to count.

You don’t just need a website, you need an optimized website. To do this, you need the most respected SEO company in Philadelphia. Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect of any website. The right site can get your company the leads beyond your wildest expectation. Spotted Frog can get you there. We are the best at what we do, and are willing to fight any Philadelphia SEO firm that says we are not. And we’re not talking an argument. We are talking about a Philly style street fight; even though we’re not actually in the city, we’re in the suburbs. Actually we aren’t that tough anyway.

Our Spot

Check out some pictures of our lair. Note: Some pictures have been edited to protect the innocent.


Learn more about the team who will be working on your website until they share a communal nervous breakdown.

Bill Kilpatrick: Bill was discovered by Spotted Frog at an event promoting the inclusion of pinball as an officially-recognized sport for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Although his efforts lobbying the International Olympic Committee were unsuccessful, we brought him on board to join the SEO team. In addition to being a leading SEO expert in Philadelphia, Kilpatrick is a renowned graffiti artist and break dancer who also enjoys posing mannequins.

Nick D’Alleva: Aside from being the best in search engine optimization and internet marketing, Nick is the 4th ranked pinball player in the United States. His aversion to clipping his toenails and brushing his teeth allows Nick to “think like the search engines”. D’Alleva’s reclusive lifestyle is the perfect fit for an SEO guru, allowing him to work days straight without human contact. Nick’s was the innovator in the Rabbit Demo concept and the inventor “Clothes for Rabbits”, a rabbit clothing line.

Todd Cardin: Cardin, Spotted Frog’s senior member has little or no talents pertaining to website development or SEO. He talks fast, disappears for hour on end, fakes illnesses and juggles several profiles on popular dating sites. As a principal in a technology based company, Todd has problems turning on the computer, sending emails, and avoiding virus’s. Cardin’s two favorite search engines are HotBot and Red-Z and he claims he co-wrote Menudo’s first album.

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